Our Story

Output Medical was founded by Dr. Jay K Joshi as an Intern managing complex Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients. Concerned by the limitations of manual urine output measurements and subsequent kidney care management, he set out to develop a technology that would improve the measuring and recording of urine output to help patients with kidney injury or kidney failure.

Born out of a need to improve urine output measurements, Output Medical is passionate about kidney management and saving patient lives.

Abnormally low urine output (known as oliguria) is a leading indicator of acute kidney injury (AKI) among ICU patients. AKI is a rapid and dangerous loss of kidney function which seriously impacts a patient's quality of care: it increases mortality, cost of care, length of stay, and readmission. AKI occurs in 20% of all ICU admissions each year, meaning approximately two million patients in the U.S. for whom regular and automatic urine output monitoring could improve their health. The average additional cost of a patient with AKI is nearly $16,000, a significant cost to patients and hospitals. 

Collaboration and Awards

Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge - Finalist, May 2012

Proud Participant since 2012

Business Competition Finalist - 2014

Featured company, 2015 cohort

Top 500 Most Innovative company - 2014, 2015

Heart Innovation Forum Finalist - October 2015


Member company since 2015

NSF Microgrant recipient and Regional I-Corps Participant - 2016

Clinical presentations

Health Information Management Systems Society - April 2015

acute kidney injury network - February 2015