Kidney Week 2016

The American Society of Nephrology was in our city (Chicago!) for Kidney Week 2016, and it was an excellent experience for our team. We were fortunate enough to meet with distinguished, leading physicians as well as governing bodies in the kidney treatment field. After gaining insight as to what are necessary improvements to fluid output management, the Output Medical team is excited for 2017! We will be launching clinical trials and reaching commercialization- getting ever closer to our vision of standardizing urine output measurements and acute kidney injury management.

The overarching theme of our conversations during Kidney Week was that urine output data is still not where it needs to be in terms of reliability. This impacts two paradigms of Nephrology: care management as well as predictive modeling. Of course our goal is to positively impact care management by creating a more accurate and reliable system for urine output measurements that can support nurses and physician’s decision making. But we also verified with key opinion leaders that the value of accurate urine output data goes much further than current care management.

Research is such a vital part of Nephrology, maybe more so than in other focuses, because decision making is tied to specific biomarker values and predictive values.  And while creatinine is an established biomarker for AKI research, urine output has yet to be fully adopted as a biomarker into predictive research models due to its inaccuracy. Output Medical wants to overcome this limitation by our technology-enhanced automation process.  The research potential is incredible!  For example, we can potentially create new biomarkers for AKI, such as the change in urine output over various hour increments.  If we can help create a platform for Nephrologists to advance their predictive research, we can really make an impact!

We wish all our friends and family a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! We look forward to sharing our journey with you in 2017!