Honoring Critical Care Awareness Month

Critical care medicine has often been described as "life in the fast lane." Nobody expresses that sentiment or embodies that idea more than the nurses managing critically ill patients. These nurses spend their shifts balancing acute patient needs with physician orders and management instructions. Their days are a constant stream of tasks and activities complicated by interruptions and delays.

During Critical Care Awareness Month, we salute the nurses working tirelessly to serve their patients. Across the country, there are millions of nurses who all have a deep desire to care for patients in the greatest times of need. They are the compassionate faces at the bedside and the healing hands that work to ensure that each patient receives safe, quality care.

In celebrating Critical Care Awareness Month, we should all stand united in our support for critical care nurses and ask ourselves, how can we support these nurses who do so much to support the patients they tend to?

We at Output Medical are passionate in our support for nurses and see Critical Care Awareness Month as a celebration of critical care nurses. We strive to improve nursing efficiency and satisfaction through our innovative approach to kidney injury management. By providing more reliable and consistent data, our technology allows nurses to optimize care management and make better clinical decisions. Furthermore, nurses can spend less time collecting data and more time on actually analyzing it for enhanced clinical outcomes. 

Output Medical is working with the Nursing Research Council at the University of Chicago Medical Center to design clinical studies that will optimize nursing measurement time for urine output. This collaboration has been a great experience as we work first hand with nursing leadership and glean their insights on improving patient care.

The strong nursing presence at the University of Chicago Medical Center places emphasis on developing innovative care models improving nursing efficiency and clinical decision making. That emphasis serves as the foundation for the collaborative study between Output Medical and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

We look forward to building similarly strong relationships with nursing leadership at other medical centers. As we at Output Medical move forward with our mission of standardizing urine output measurements, we realize more than ever that our mission is to support critical care nursing.

During Critical Care Awareness Month, we salute all the critical care nurses!