The Importance of Partnerships

Output Medical owes a great deal to the many partners that have helped shape our success to date.  From our early partnerships with Insight Product Development and other local Chicago-based entrepreneurial organizations, to our newly forged relationships with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), we recognized that we need to find the right people and organizations to help move Output Medical forward.

Partnering with Insight Product Development gave Output Medical instant engineering capabilities commensurate to some of the largest medical device corporations.  With Insight’s experience taking hundreds of medical devices to market, we knew we had the right engineering partner to develop our product with the perfect blend of usability and clinical relevance.

To fulfill our mission of improving patient management among high risk acute kidney injury (AKI) patients, Output Medical is building relationships with key organizations like the AMA and NKF.  These organizations represent the thought leaders in health care.  By working together, Output Medical learns about key trends and changes in AKI management, and with this knowledge, we refine the design of our devices to meet the needs of the Physicians and Nurses managing these patients.

We are a problem-oriented medical device venture.  We are keen to learn as much about AKI and work to keep up with the ever growing clinical literature in this space.  This is precisely why we value our relationship with the AMA and NKF.

In working with the AMA, we learn about key policy trends and how health care systemically approaches clinical innovation.  In fact, the AMA has a three-tiered strategic plan that emphasizes three areas of priority:  Accelerating Change in Medical Education; Professional Satisfaction/ Practice Sustainability; and Improving Health Outcomes, which includes a strong emphasis on disease education and prevention in underserved and at-risk communities.  This mission could not fit any better within Output Medical’s mission of establishing set standards and protocol for AKI management to improve clinical quality metrics for high risk AKI patients and improve Nursing efficiency.

In working with the NKF, we learn about new tools and management strategies for AKI and kidney disease in general.  The NKF has tools that establish standards in various aspects of patient management.  The organization produces clinical practice guidelines through the NKF Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (NKF KDOQI). This program provides evidence-based guidelines for all stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and related complications.  We seek to work with the NKF to help establish evidence-based guidelines for all stages of AKI disease through our ability to monitor urine and produce unseen high fidelity urine output data.

These burgeoning partnerships reflect the importance that we place on organizational collaboration. From the very beginning, our success was predicated on positive relationships, and we look forward to working together and furthering the success of not only Output Medical, but of the AMA and NKF as well!