From Concept to Culture

The book, “Good to Great”, by Jim Collins describes how certain companies make the transition from ‘good’ to ‘great’ companies.  In the book, Collins describes certain principles seen ubiquitously throughout these companies: leadership, people, honesty, passion, discipline, and detail orientation.  With the growing success of Output Medical, the level of responsibility to be a strong leader becomes ever more paramount.  I cross reference experiences gained leading and self-managing Output Medical with anecdotes and principles cited in the book to learn what I am doing well and what I can do better.

For example, Collins describes a Level 5 leader in the book as somebody who embodies strong leadership, the ability to gain trust, and genuine humility.  And he fills the book with fascinating examples of capable CEO’s who fit this criteria leading their respective companies to strong performances and profitability.  These anecdotes inspire me to work hard, continue to improve as a leader, and earn the trust and respect of the Output Medical family. 

Being a strong leader is extremely critical for Output Medical in the coming months.  As we enter into the final phases of pre-revenue product development, we will expand our team at all levels: executive board, management team, and employees.  During this growth period, it is my duty to the company, and the Output Medical family, to become the best leader possible as my actions, decisions, and presence reflect the company.

I represented Output Medical at the American Medical Association Annual Meeting, at the MacGuireWoods Health Care Private Equity Summit, and at the Association of Corporate Growth Health Care Conference by exemplifying the positive characteristics defined by Collins.  And I will continue to do so at future networking events.

More importantly, as we begin to look to expand the Output Medical family as advisors, we should ask ourselves: Will they embody our culture? Will they help build our vision?  Will they represent Output Medical well?

These are questions that I ask myself regularly, and to which I dedicate my improvement as a leader.