Clinical Studies on the Horizon

We are thrilled to be on the cusp of clinical studies that will help justify the need for automating urine output measurements.  We have spent upwards of four years internally testing and designing our product. It has taken patience, focus, and discipline. But now, Output Medical is in a position to collaborate with medical institutions in order to validate the product value as well as learn more about the product’s relationship with its future users.

It will be critical to compare our device with standard ICU urimeters in order to prove urine output automation can maintain/improve accuracy. Urine output is vital information and it needs to be precise for the clinical team to make critical decisions. We hope to begin this study in the coming months!

Over the years, we have been able to conduct quite a bit of human factors analysis, where we have interviewed over 50 nurses about the potential of the device. It is now time to conduct a usability study where we will be able to see nurses interact with the product first hand. This will get us the feedback we need to better understand our product’s integration with the ICU. This version of clinical research is going to perfectly complement our more traditional comparative study because it will offer the best insight into our user.

It is an exciting time for Output, and we are pleased to share our journey with you! Please be on the lookout for future announcements about Output Medical clinical research!