The Importance of Collaboration between Health System and Product Developer

It is quite refreshing when health systems are willing to meet with novel technology companies. Hopefully, they realize that by meeting with a new company, the health system can provide feedback that will be integral to the DNA of the product. At Output Medical, we welcome the challenge of visiting health systems and sharing our value proposition with physicians, nurses, supply chain, and purchasing personnel. While we want these healthcare professionals to learn about the problem that our product addresses, we especially want to listen to feedback and collaborate on how we can improve our clinical value.

Recently, Output Medical visited a prominent health system in Kankakee, Illinois. We feel extremely fortunate that we were able to meet with various healthcare professionals that play a critical role in overseeing the nephrology department as well as the ICU. While the nephrologists acknowledged that urine output is indeed recorded most every hour, they are not always in the ICU in a fashion where they can track the hourly trends. Moreover, if the urine output data was automated and populated into the electronic medical records (EPIC), it would be extremely advantageous for the physician. Nurses, who were also present at the meeting, discussed the accuracy of manual urine output measurements. There is not always time to measure the exact mL output of urine- over time this can add up. It is no one’s fault, there is a lot going on in the ICU and only so many staff! With automation, the nurses can still use the drainage bag visual to double check output readings.

Finally, we were able to have a very honest conversation about the bottom line value proposition: can Output Medical show that recognizing AKI early can reduce cost and length of stay for the patient? Can Output Medical improve 30-day mortality? There is indeed data to support these theories, and moreover, we would love the opportunity to pilot our product and develop clinical data in collaboration with health systems.

We recognize the need to be fiscally prudent and want to work with potential client sites to develop quality initiative programs that demonstrate how our device can help manage the cost of high risk AKI patients.

Call us today, and ask: how can Output Medical help us reduce the cost of care management for his risk ICU patients?